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We are a group of many companies located in Italy & Europe.

AUSISEGUR is based in Milan.

We provide services all over Italy. Our number one priority is to provide an exceptional service where our clients feel safe and secure. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every assignment and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our company has a consolidated experience in SECURITY SERVICES , area where it operates more than 20 years.

Our professionalism and experience are at your disposal to try to meet your every need.

AUSISEGUR SECURITY GROUP knows that finding the right security company to protect you is a choice not to be taken lightly. We will meet with you and discuss  your needs as well as your expectations of our company.





Protecting people, property, and assets in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible, we pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have gained with our customers. These same customers know that when they entrust AUSISEGUR with their safety and security, that only the most competent, capable and highly trained licensed staff will be provided to serve them.

It is because we deploy the most highly trained, effective operators in their field that we have gained the reputation as the top authority in our industry. We invest in our employees to ensure our customers receive only the very best.



AUSISEGUR offers the following services: guarding, close protection, driver, steward, hostess and reception.

We are also specialized in the following service: EVENT SECURITY.


We offer unarmed drivers using your personal vehicle (or ours for rent).  We provide a driving service with an added layer of protection for you, your family, and friends. The driver will  be certified in an Emergency Vehicle Operation Course for extra safety and security. Some of the driving services we provide, but are not limited to, include transportation to  the airport, events, dinner, an evening or day out. We will drive on any day or at any time.

Our guards come from highly trained backgrounds including Law Enforcement Officers, Military personnel and experienced protection specialists. 


AUSISEGUR provides armed or unarmed guards for private or cooperate events at your location. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your event. We check the exterior of the property for any intruders. We also check the guest list to ensure the proper attendants.  Depending on the size of the event, we can provide multiple guards to provide the best security and service.  All guards will be dressed in a professional manner. 



AUSISEGUR SECURITY GROUP provides house watching and property management . Depending on the homeowners request, we check the residence a minimum of twice a week and perform more checks during inclement weather. We inspect the residence on different days and times throughout the year for security purposes. An extensive exterior check of residence and the property is performed, as well as, a detailed interior check making sure all windows and doors are locked and secured. We make sure there are no leaks , the plumbing and heat is working properly, and all other items are in order. We will coordinate with contractors to let them in and out of the residence upon your request. If needed, we can recommend contractors. We can accept deliveries at scheduled times. The alarm is set when we leave the residence and we are notified if the alarm goes off.



AUSISEGUR succeeds by following fundamental management principles:

- 100% customer satisfaction as a daily objective.
- An investment in our people. We understand great people make great companies.
- Constant pursuit of learning and technical excellence.
- Only the highest professional and ethical standards.


Every day uniformed Ausisegur security officers perform a variety of duties to help maintain secure environments for clients across the Italy & Europe.

Each of those officers is thoroughly screened and trained to help secure your business and assets.

We are committed to providing security services for companies large and small, and to helping keep your people and property safe with a variety of affordable tools.

Adaptable to your needs and budget, Ausisegur can provide services for your retail location in an effort to prevent and deter theft from shoplifting or other means. Our trained and experienced former and active law enforcement professionals are our primary means of preventing losses attributed to external and internal thefts. Our loss prevention specialists provide a safe and secure retail shopping environment for your business, your employees and your customers.

At Ausisegur, our core business has always been uniformed guarding services.  With advancements in technology, we now offer Integrated Guarding to enhance our traditional security services.

Managing your property, facility or business is a 24/7 job, with unexpected events happening every day. Having Ausisegur security officers on site will help prevent some of those unwanted accidents or security concerns from occurring. While on tour, officers check those areas that you deem important and provide you with information about any incidents or items needing attention. This includes finding a drastic change in room temperature, unlocked doors, burned out lights, or slip and fall hazards.


Our officers use a rugged tablet that prompts them with specific tour activities, provides them the ability to record events and allows them to look up procedure information immediately.



If you are interested in learning about what services or advice you might need for your individual situation, contact us for an in-depth consultation.

The cornerstone of an effective security program is a comprehensive security plan. We can help you build your security plan by providing objective, top-down security assessments. Our proprietary analysis methodology examines your specific security needs to develop a customized roadmap for improvement.

Our Teams are the sought after professionals conducting assessments of professional sports venues, Fortune 500 companies, Schools, Hospitals, and more.

Part of a network of international Security Companies

For over 10 years we collaborate with some of the most important companies in our sector who have offices in America and in the UK who have in their portfolio,
internationally renowned customers.